How To Say No (And Not Sound Like A Jerk)

If you want a life out­side your 9-5, you must mas­ter the most dif­fi­cult word in the English lan­guage: ‘No’. Here’s how to refuse your boss with­out be­ing given your march­ing or­ders

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MH Hi there, Greg. How’s it go­ing? Great. Look, I know you’re busy, but can you take this project on? Mcke­own No. MH Ex­cuse me? Mcke­own What I mean is I’d love to help you. Can you tell me a bit more about it? MH It’s a big job for a big client. And I need it done by the end of the week.

Mcke­own Okay. But I have to de­liver on this other piece of work from the CEO. It’s crit­i­cal. MH This is crit­i­cal as well.

Mcke­own I’m happy to tell the CEO that I need to resched­ule, but I think we can find a bet­ter

way of ap­proach­ing this.

MH Well, can’t you come in early for the rest of the week and get both done?

Mcke­own Shall we pause and take a look at the work I’m do­ing now? Then we can dis­cuss what you’d like me to de-pri­ori­tise so that I can take on this new task. MH You can’t get both done?

Mcke­own If I don’t do a se­ries of things for th­ese clients, then yes, I can. But which of th­ese do you think I should de-pri­ori­tise to do that?

MH Tell you what, Steve can do it in­stead. Have a good day.

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