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1. How much un­de­served praise did you re­ceive from your par­ents when you were a kid? A. A mod­er­ate amount. B. I couldn’t poop my pants with­out them call­ing me a ge­nius. A 2015 Dutch study con­firms that nar­cis­sis­tic adults re­mem­ber their par­ents lav­ish­ing them with praise as kids. Two points if you picked B.

2. Were you one of the “cool kids” in school? A. You know it. Ev­ery­body wanted to be my friend. B. “Cool,” eh... not so much.

“Ag­gres­sion, in­tim­i­da­tion, and ma­nip­u­la­tion can pay off,” says so­ci­ol­o­gist Dr Robert Faris. “But pop­u­lar kids can also be the most dis­liked.” Two points for A.

3. Do you agree with the sen­ti­ment “You can’t make an omelette with­out break­ing a few eggs”? A. Well, duh. It’s why I make more money than most of my peers. B. Not re­ally.

Re­searchers at Cor­nell have dis­cov­ered that “dis­agree­able” men make higher salaries than their agree­able col­leagues. Two points for A.

4. Do you en­joy giv­ing peo­ple un­so­licited gram­mar ad­vice? A. I thrive on school­ing strangers about “your” and “you’re”. B. I have bet­ter things to do.

Uni­ver­sity of Michi­gan re­search re­veals that peo­ple who are harsh­est about gram­mat­i­cal er­rors are also more likely to be dis­agree­able peo­ple. Two points for A.

5. Do dogs en­joy your com­pany? A. They flock to me like I’m a fris­bee cov­ered in ba­con. B. No, the ca­nines avoid me.

Dogs – and, weirdly, ca­puchin mon­keys – know an ass­hole when they see one. Re­cent re­search from Ja­pan found that both an­i­mals re­act neg­a­tively to peo­ple they’ve seen be­ing jerks. Two points for B.

7. What do peo­ple think about your book or movie re­views? A. They know I’ll steer them away from all the crap out there. B. I’ve been told I'm in­sight­ful. A study from Har­vard found that “neg­a­tive or un­kind” book re­views were rated “more in­tel­li­gent” than those ex­press­ing the same ideas in less abu­sive ways. Two points for A.

8. Would your wife or girl­friend de­scribe you as a good dancer? A. She says I’m not, but I’m ac­tu­ally amaz­ing. B. I think I’m ter­ri­ble, but she in­sists I’ve got some killer moves. In a 2012 Ger­man study, women rated the men with more agree­able per­son­al­i­ties as bet­ter dancers. Two points for A.

9. Is it al­ways hot where you live? A. It’s hot in the sum­mer, but noth­ing un­usual. B. I wear shorts to for­mal events. I sweat most of the time. Peo­ple are 50 per cent more likely to of­fer a stranger help on a warm day ver­sus a swel­ter­ing one, ac­cord­ing to a 2017 North­west­ern Uni­ver­sity study. Two points for B.

10. Are you rich? A. I do okay. B. See that plane up there? I could buy it. “Wealth can lead to ex­ces­sive self-fo­cus and pri­ori­tis­ing one­self over oth­ers,” says psy­chol­o­gist Dr Paul Piff, who stud­ies the con­nec­tion be­tween wealth and moral­ity. Two points for B.

11. How of­ten do you text? A. Only when it's ab­so­lutely nec­es­sary. B. More than a teen girl to her BFF. Re­search from the Uni­ver­sity of Win­nipeg found that peo­ple who send 100 or more text mes­sages a day are 30 per cent less likely to value liv­ing an “eth­i­cal, prin­ci­pled life”. Two points for B.

6. What are your thoughts on chicks?

A. Chicks, man. They’re the worst! B. Chicks? Se­ri­ously? You’re like a sex­ist cliché from the 1960s.

A 2010 study from Kent State Uni­ver­sity found that nar­cis­sis­tic het­ero­sex­ual men are most overtly hos­tile to­ward het­ero­sex­ual women. Two points for A.

12. How’s your credit rat­ing?

A. Um, well...i can ex­plain. B. I’ve never been un­der 800.

Re­searchers from Texas Tech, LSU, and North­ern Illi­nois Uni­ver­sity de­ter­mined in a 2012 study that ass­holes are more likely to have bet­ter credit scores than peo­ple with more agree­able per­son­al­i­ties. Two points for B.

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