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Slater has his game-day eat­ing down to a fine art. “My diet dur­ing the week is all about con­sum­ing whole­foods, and I don’t think too much about quan­ti­ties,” Slater says. “But on game day I fo­cus on keep­ing my­self feel­ing light”


Two eggs, ba­con, av­o­cado


A ba­nana. “This is a great snack for pro­vid­ing en­ergy with­out mak­ing you feel heavy.”


A salad sand­wich on whole­meal bread. You’ll di­gest this quicker than you would a meat-based meal.

Mid-to-late af­ter­noon

“Whether it’s a late-af­ter­noon or an evening game, by now I’m fo­cused on it. Per­haps just another ba­nana to top up my en­ergy re­serves with­out risk­ing run­ning out on the field feel­ing like I have a full stom­ach.”

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