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Four Olympic s, Jamie – you’d have t o be c on­sid­ered f lag­bearer ma terial, wouldn’t you? Maybe, I’m not sure. My name popped up last Olympics so I’m guess­ing it may do so again this time. Maybe it will be [cy­clist] Anna Meares … and I think a cou­ple may have gone to five Olympics. If it is me, I’d be hon­oured and I’d love to do it but if not, that’s also OK. One g old and t wo bronze from your pre­vi­ous Game s – what do you re­mem­ber of them? That it’s ob­vi­ously not easy to win an Olympic Gold Medal! One thing I’ve taken out of all the Games I’ve been to is how they’re all com­pletely di­er­ent. Lit­tle things hap­pen on and o­ the field that change the at­mos­phere of the event. Athens was spread out and had a very re­laxed feel and then four years later in China, I was ex­pect­ing the same but it was com­pletely di­er­ent – re­ally con­densed and struc­tured. Each Olympics has been unique and I’m ex­pect­ing Rio will be as well. On the field, I’m look­ing for­ward to chal­leng­ing my­self and see­ing how good I can be and see­ing how good the team can be on the big­ger stage. I’m also look­ing for­ward to be­ing in the vil­lage, peo­ple watch­ing, see­ing fa­mous peo­ple… it’s al­ways a great place to be. What ar e you ex­pect­ing onc e there? The cli­mate will be to our ad­van­tage and I think we’ll go in as the fittest team in the world. If we are, we’ll be ahead. I’ve never been to Rio so I’m a lit­tle un­sure about what it will be like. My main con­cerns are the travel from the Vil­lage to the ground and our train­ing fa­cil­ity is even fur­ther away so we’re just try­ing to pre­pare for those lit­tle things… How ar e you, ph ys­i­cally speak­ing? I pay a lot of at­ten­tion to my body these days. I’m 37 and re­ally shouldn’t be run­ning as fast as I did at 22, but I am, for­tu­nately. I did a beep test re­cently and I’m as fit as I was 10 years ago. I’ve just got to make sure that I man­age my body. The [coaches] have asked me to rest at times but I’ve said no, let’s go for it. Every­thing I eat, every­thing I drink, yoga, stretch­ing, rolling... every­thing I do is for this Olympic Games. How doe s the c om­po­si­tion of the team shape up ? We’re more on the ex­pe­ri­enced side. We’ve got some great young play­ers com­ing through but whether they’ll be picked for the Olympics, I’m not too sure. We were about the old­est side two years ago at the World Cup and we did re­ally well there. I don’t do the cause any favours.

Do the usual suspe cts shape as your main riv als? Def­i­nitely. Ger­many, Hol­land, Bel­gium and Great Britain are the main threats, and then you have teams like Ar­gentina and In­dia who’ve im­proved a lot and are there­abouts. How doe s the of fi­cial uni­form by Spor tscraft suit you? I re­ally like it. I like the TOMS shoes and the Sportscraft jacket’s al­ways spe­cial. Once you get this with the crest on it and your name in­side, it’s se­ri­ous. It means busi­ness… Are you fash­ion- con­scious? I am lit­tle bit… but now I’ve had three kids it’s not as easy. I try to be. Hockey r emains out of the main­stream as a spor t in Aus­tralia – doe s tha t frus trate you a t time s? It does a bit. We haven’t [as a sport] found our place yet, where we sit, our style. We’ve got a unique sport in which men and women are equally in­volved and we should use that to our ad­van­tage. Ob­vi­ously the non-olympic sports get hugely pub­li­cised in the me­dia but hockey, while the num­bers are still strong, I’d like to see it grow a bit more. We’ve just got to find our space in the mar­ket and cre­ate a fam­ily and fun at­mos­phere, which I think we could do a bet­ter job of. You’ve had t o travel the world to make a liv­ing fr om it – is tha t a dou­ble- edged sword? For sure. Then again, if I hadn’t done that I wouldn’t have met my wife and had three kids so it was a good thing for me and I made the most of my opportunities. But there’s no place like Aus­tralia and I just wish we had a bet­ter com­pe­ti­tion here which also at­tracted Indians and Euro­peans to come over here and play. Last Olympic s? Yep. This is it. See more im­ages of Sportscraft’s o cial Olympic Aus­tralian team uni­form at mensstyle.

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