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On a reg­u­lar ba­sis, you’ll want to clean your plants so that they not only look bet­ter but also stay alive. Dust can im­pair a plant’s abil­ity to pho­to­syn­the­size by pre­vent­ing light from reach­ing the leaves. 1. Look at its leaves. If they’re large and smooth, like the leaves of some bromeli­ads or peace lilies, head to step two. If they’re smaller and more del­i­cate, jump to step three.

2. Gen­tly wipe each leaf with a soft, damp cloth.

3. A quick shower eas­ily gets rid of dust. Place the plant in the bath­tub or sink, and then spray it with room-tem­per­a­ture wa­ter for about 20 sec­onds. Dur­ing the warmer months, this can be done out­side with a hose. Let it air-dry for a few hours or overnight be­fore mov­ing it so that it doesn’t drip ev­ery­where.

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