Men's Style (Australia) - - Manual -

16. Not re­spond­ing to or ac­knowl­edg­ing e-mails. 15. Un­nec­es­sary re­ply-alls. 14. Un­nec­es­sary meet­ings that could have been avoided with a re­ply-all. 13. Bring­ing your phone to a meet­ing. 12. Loud mo­bile rings. 11. Sloppy e-mails. 10. Dead-fish hand­shake. 9. Com­ing to work when you’re sick. No one is im­pressed. 8. Clip­ping nails at your desk. 7. Smelly food. 6. Se­ri­ously, what is that smell? 5. Cologne. 4. Tak­ing the last cup of cof­fee with­out start­ing an­other pot. 3. Be­ing too pro­fes­sional. 2. Pas­sive-ag­gres­sive notes. 1. Tak­ing some­one else’s food from the re­frig­er­a­tor.

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