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A bath­room sta­ple for decades, there’s been a lot of buzz about nanna’s “won­der jelly” con­tain­ing harmful chem­i­cals. Not so. It’s ac­tu­ally highly re­fined. At a pinch you can use Vaseline to pre­vent car bat­tery cor­ro­sion, ease the pain of haem­or­rhoids and cure ath­lete’s foot. It’s also a cure-all for com­mon swim­mer’s ail­ments like chapped lips, cuts and grazes, rashes and scalp ir­ri­ta­tion. Mas­sage into ex­tra dry ar­eas like el­bows, cracked heels, hands, fin­ger­nails and knees for in­stant re­lief. From $2.99; phar­ma­cies na­tion­ally.

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