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How many words of four let­ters or more can you make from the let­ters shown? In mak­ing a word, each let­ter may be only used once. Each word must con­tain the cen­tre let­ter and there must be at least one nine-let­ter word in the list. No plu­rals or words end­ing in “s”; no words with ini­tial cap­i­tals and no words with a hy­phen or apos­tro­phe al­lowed. To­day’s tar­get: good 10; very good 18; ex­cel­lent 23 or more.

9 let­ter words coumarone 7 let­ter words en­am­our, morceau, neu­roma, ro­mance 6 let­ter words acu­men, en­amor, macron, ma­nure, ma­roon, un­moor 5 let­ter words amour, cameo, carom, comer, cream, manor, mo­ron, mourn, mu­cor, mu­cro, namer, ra­men, ro­man, romeo, ru­men, un­arm 4 let­ter words acme, amen, arum, came, coma, come, coom, corm, cram, mace, mane, marc, mare, maun, mean, menu, meou, moan, mono, moon, moor, mora, more, morn, moue, mure, name, noma, norm, omen, omer, ream, roam, room

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