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1. Who won the Pulitzer Prize for Fic­tion for the novel, The Goldfinch, in 2014?

2. As at May 2018, which cir­cle of lat­i­tude was 23°26′12.8″ south of the Equa­tor?

3. Which US pres­i­dent is de­picted on Mount Rush­more with a mous­tache?

4. Blue Rib­bon Sports was the orig­i­nal name of which sports ap­parel/equip­ment com­pany?

5. Alex and Emily were the win­ners of which re­al­ity TV se­ries in May 2018?

6. Manzini is one of the largest ci­ties in which African coun­try?

7. What sport is played by the na­tional Aus­tralian women’s wheel­chair team known as the Glid­ers?

8. Who wrote the song, The First Cut Is the Deep­est, cov­ered by many artists?

9. True or false? Green is the colour be­tween brown and red on the vis­i­ble spec­trum.

10. Who starred as Nine Ball in the 2018 movie, Ocean’s 8?

11. Al­bert Sch­weitzer was awarded a No­bel Peace Prize dur­ing which decade?

12. Which Aus­tralian won the 2018 Tour de Suisse?

13. Jus­tine Schofield gained fame through which TV se­ries?

14. What was Shane Warne’s num­ber in One Day In­ter­na­tional cricket games?

15. Mafadi is the high­est peak in which African coun­try?

16. The Nurem­berg Tri­als were held in the years di­rectly fol­low­ing which war?

17. In the comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes, what colour is Calvin’s spiky hair?

18. Which AFL team plays its home games at Met­ri­con Sta­dium?

19. What is the of­fi­cial lan­guage of Libya?

20. Ro­que­fort cheese orig­i­nated in which coun­try? 21. True or false? Mon­go­lia does not share a bor­der with Kaza­khstan.

22. Fern and Av­ery Arable are char­ac­ters from which fa­mous 1952 chil­dren’s novel?

23. Who suc­ceeded Mark Vaile as Deputy Prime Min­is­ter of Aus­tralia?

24. The Brexit ref­er­en­dum in the UK took place dur­ing which month of 2016?

25. Play­ers from which two AFL teams can win the Ge­off Chris­tian Medal?

26. In 2016, which fa­mous mu­si­cian be­came the lead singer for AC/DC?

27. The Gulf of Man­nar is on the west coast of which coun­try?

28. Which pope was named as Time mag­a­zine’s 2013 Per­son of the Year?

29. The Can­ter­bury Tales is one of the best-known works by which author?

30. Which fash­ion house de­signed Meghan Markle’s wed­ding dress?

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