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WRIT­ERS to many newspapers have ex­pressed their hor­ror and dis­gust at the lack of care, ne­glect and some­times abuse res­i­dents of aged care homes are sub­jected to. Thank you Irene McIn­er­ney for rais­ing this im­por­tant is­sue ( Mer­cury, Septem­ber 14). Sen­a­tor He­len Pol­ley gave a bril­liant speech in par­lia­ment de­scrib­ing an­other aged care fail­ure. Two hun­dred peo­ple have been on the wait­ing list for aged care pack­ages for two years or more. Many thou­sands have been wait­ing more than a year. One is a 92-year-old, liv­ing alone, who has been told his care will be avail­able in 18 months. My hus­band and I have been on the wait­ing list for home help aged care pack­ages, level 2 for my hus­band and level 4 for me for over a year. There are no or­gan­i­sa­tions to de­liver these ser­vices in our area. The pur­pose of pack­ages is to as­sist el­derly peo­ple to stay at home, re­liev­ing the bur­den on res­i­den­tial care. Clients pay a con­tri­bu­tion. This we are very happy to do. We are very old and sick and strug­gling to man­age house­hold tasks, shop­ping, clean­ing, cook­ing and gar­den­ing. Our beloved pets, a pig, three cats and a dog pro­vide us with com­fort, pain re­lief and rai­son d’etre. They are the only rea­son we don’t plonk our­selves at the near­est res­i­den­tial care fa­cil­ity. The Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment has proved hope­less in pro­vid­ing com­mu­nity care for sick, old vot­ers, most of whom have worked and paid taxes for 45 years. We will re­mem­ber this at the next elec­tion.

Bet­ter re­view needed

FOL­LOW­ING the damn­ing re­port ( Mer­cury, Septem­ber 12) it is clear that, not only has the Glenorchy City Coun­cil failed in its duty to ratepay­ers, but that the Board of In­quiry is sim­i­larly plagued by an in­abil­ity to achieve any res­o­lu­tion ac­cept­able to a long-suf­fer­ing pub­lic. Ex­pec­ta­tions are that the in­quiry will ex­tend be­yond a two year time­frame at a cost of $I mil­lion plus. What is wrong? It is time that a more in­depth re­view of the ex­ist­ing sys­tem is set up to ex­pe­dite a new Board of In­quiry that can de­liver a quick, sat­is­fac­tory and ef­fec­tive pre­ven­tion of coun­cil dys­func­tion due to in­ter-coun­cil dis­putes.

Speed­ing ahead

YOU are right Al­der­man Har­vey ( Mer­cury, Septem­ber 9). Elec­tric cars are com­ing, but a lot a lot sooner than one might imag­ine. The UK, France, Nor­way and Que­bec are ban­ning the sale of petrol and diesel pow­ered cars by 2040. Ger­many is con­sid­er­ing a sim­i­lar ban. How­ever, jack­ing up the cost of hous­ing by dump­ing re­spon­si­bil­ity on de­vel­op­ers to in­stall charg­ing points is a knee­jerk anti-busi­ness thought bub­ble. Would it be too much to ex­pect Ho­bart City Coun­cil to em­brace change and ap­pre­ci­ate the pos­si­bil­ity might arise to make every coun­cil parking me­ter and parking space in the CBD a charge station. Elec­tric cars are very quiet. Peo­ple will not read­ily hear their ap­proach, giv­ing rise to a road safety is­sue for pedes­tri­ans and cy­clists. How about an HCC thought bub­ble on how it is go­ing to keep them safe ... apart from hav­ing a chap with a red flag on foot pre­ced­ing each car.

Test­ing times

I DID at­tend school in the 60s. Not a very good scholar but at the end of every year we faced ex­ams. Didn’t do all that well but the ex­ams helped me un­der­stand where I was at. That un­der­stand­ing sent me to­wards the trades, which en­abled me to start a fu­ture. Oh gosh. More ex­ams but I man­aged. When I fin­ished my ap­pren­tice­ship, I thought that was the end of ex­ams. No, in later life I was re­quired to achieve KPIs, stay on bud­get and have per­for­mance re­views. All ex­am­i­na­tions of my ef­forts. Once again I was able to un­der­stand how well I was go­ing. Yes I felt unloved and stressed at times. But at the end of the day I had an un­der­stand­ing of life. We are all tested at times, but the sys­tem works. As a com­fort­ably re­tired 70-year-old, I know the sys­tem worked. I urge all young peo­ple to en­joy their school­ing and look at ex­ams as bench­marks for their fu­ture. Read­ing, writ­ing and math­e­mat­ics are the base. How many young peo­ple can re­cite their times ta­bles? Need I say any more?

Man and woman

IN fed­eral law mar­riage is the join­ing of a man and a woman who wish to join their lives as one, which I sup­port. The con­trary view re­quires the law to be changed so mar­riage will be­come the join­ing of two per­sons ir­re­spec­tive of sex. Both types of re­la­tion­ships can be recog­nised such that no cou­ple can suf­fer at law, ie equal­ity. How­ever, same-sex re­la­tion­ships lack a fun­da­men­tal qual­ity, the abil­ity to cre­ate life to en­sure the ex­is­tence of mankind. Com­plete or true mar­riage can­not there­fore re­side in same-sex unions. I have no ob­jec­tion to same-sex cou­ples join­ing to­gether. That is their right. They can have chil­dren via third par­ties pro­vided that is law­ful. That is their right. Please note Greg Barns (Talk­ing Point, Septem­ber 11), I have not used the Bi­ble or any re­li­gious con­vic­tion I or my fam­ily might have to jus­tify my stance that mar­riage is only for man and woman.

Tend and be­friend

OUR western cul­ture fo­cuses on di­vid­ing us. Take the gay mar­riage de­bate. So many is­sues raised are ab­so­lutely noth­ing to do with gay mar­riage. As Whoopi Goldberg said “if you are not into gay mar­riage, don’t marry a gay per­son”. That’s all it’s about. Not school cur­ric­ula or dress codes, bak­ers and wed­ding cakes. The gov­ern­ment has cre­ated fur­ther di­vide with this ex­pen­sive and non-bind­ing vote so let’s vote on the topic, do you sup­port gay mar­riage? In­stead of di­vide and con­quer, per­haps we can, lit­tle by lit­tle, amongst our­selves, move to­wards “tend and be­friend” and the re­sult­ing in­creased hap­pi­ness mea­sure of our cit­i­zens gen­er­ally. A big ask? I think not, as I know many who tend and be­friend as part of their daily lives al­ready.

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