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NINE, 8.40pm No mat­ter how corny and dra­matic the voiceovers and pro­mo­tions are, no one with a beat­ing heart can say these heart­warm­ing tales don’t bring at least the small­est bit of mist to the eyes. In this sea­son fi­nale, host Karl Ste­fanovic meets a man born with gen­der dys­pho­ria who is ready to trans­form his life to be­come a woman. Then, a po­lice­man paral­ysed by a crash sets his sights on the Par­a­lyp­mics and a grand­mother aims for her black belt in karate. WIN, 9.40pm There are just so many laugh-out-loud mo­ments in thiss se­ries that if you haven’t caught it yet, do your­self a favour and catchch up now. With a cast in­clud­ing Dianne Wi­est and James Brolin, itt has vibes of ModernFam­ily in its ex­plo­ration of a vi­brant fam­ily andd their in­volve­ment in each other’s lives. Tonight, on the way to Matt and Colleen’s wed­ding, Greg (Colin Hanks, right) and Jen (Zoe Lis­ter-Lis­terJones) de­cide it’s game-on when their par­ent­ing skills areare up­staged.

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