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ERIC Abetz in­ad­ver­tently brought a lit­tle hu­mour into the un­pleas­ant de­bate about mar­riage equal­ity. Sup­port­ing the bid to ban an Amer­i­can from singing at the rugby-league grand fi­nal be­cause he didn’t like the song, he stated that peo­ple should be able to leave their dif­fer­ences be­hind when they go to the footy. I don’t think he can have ever been to a game, es­pe­cially a grand fi­nal, if he thinks that.

Crowd pleaser

TONY Ab­bott has crit­i­cised the NRL for choos­ing Mack­le­more as the lead act for its grand fi­nal en­ter­tain­ment on the grounds the event should not be politi­cised. In­ter­est­ing, since it is dif­fi­cult to re­mem­ber any re­mark of his that was not deeply po­lit­i­cal in the past three years. The NRL has got it right. What bet­ter way to max­imise viewer au­di­ence?

Wel­com­ing so­ci­ety

I AM vot­ing Yes for the chil­dren of my friends and the chil­dren of peo­ple who choose to vote No. I want th­ese chil­dren to grow up in an in­clu­sive and wel­com­ing so­ci­ety and to be al­lowed to love and marry who­ever they want, and for all peo­ple to have the same rights. That is what this sur­vey is about. Equal­ity for all peo­ple. Don’t be­lieve the hype. Just vote Yes for equal­ity.

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