An ode to cross­walk at­ten­dants

Midwest Times - - OPINION - Pat Clark Range­way

“Can you do the school run?” this week

Qui­etly asked my tired daugh­ter-in-law I ea­gerly nod­ded my con­sent (What have I let my­self in for?).

Chil­dren to be taken and col­lected, for school

Whether hail-rain-or sun

Some en­thu­si­as­tic, some grumbly, some sleepy (Car rides can be such fun!). Park­ing can of­ten cause a headache I think we’ll all agree But cross­walk at­ten­dants are there To help us cross the road safely. North West Coastal High­way (in par­tic­u­lar)

Can cause a brow to blanche with fear

And two won­der­ful cross­walk ladies

Are on duty ev­ery school day of the year.

I think of all the mums and dads

Who do school runs ev­ery day

Lov­ingly car­ing for their chil­dren In this spe­cial fam­ily way! I think of all cross­walk at­ten­dants

Their re­spon­si­bil­i­ties — their duty of care

Their cheery smiles and friendly words

God bless them every­where.

With flags un­furled they face the world And bravely stop the traf­fic In our eyes you are an­gels in dis­guise

And we think you are ter­rific!

By a grate­ful grand­mother,

School stu­dents are as­sisted to cross the road. Pic­ture: The West Aus­tralian

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