Dis­tance makes ex­trac­tion dif­fi­cult

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I’m very glad my col­umns are pro­fes­sion­ally proof read, par­tic­u­larly this week as there is a good chance this col­umn may not make sense.

I’m cur­rently tak­ing painkillers after a tooth ex­trac­tion and they are mak­ing me a bit dopey (well, dopier than usual!).

My tooth started play­ing up last week­end, which is typ­i­cal. Any form of ill­ness or ac­ci­dent tends to strike when ser­vices are closed.

I man­aged for about three days be­fore I started look­ing for a den­tist. I found the den­tist would be in Meekatharra the fol­low­ing week but wasn’t sure I would sur­vive that long. Next best op­tion was a New­man den­tist, who could fit me in Thurs­day.

Wed­nes­day morn­ing I’d had enough so rang the New­man den­tist back to find the Thurs­day ap­point­ment was gone. Argh!

After some dis­cus­sion they of­fered me a 3pm ap­point­ment that day. Thank good­ness for my son who gave up his day to drive the 600km round trip — I cer­tainly couldn’t have done it.

By the time I ar­rived at the den­tist I was ready for as many in­jec­tions as I could get — any­thing to stop that damned throb­bing. It was like the tooth had a pulse of its own.

The den­tist had to as­cer­tain ex­actly which tooth was the prob­lem. I think she knew which one it was when I left claw marks on the ceil­ing after she tapped it with her lit­tle ham­mer.

I had the op­tion of a root canal treat­ment in­volv­ing sev­eral ap­point­ments plus hav­ing to re­place the crown, or hav­ing it re­moved.

Know­ing the dif­fi­cul­ties of set­ting up ap­point­ments at par­tic­u­lar time spa­ces, I opted to get rid of the tooth.

The tooth wasn’t par­tic­u­larly keen to leave me, even though I had men­tioned sev­eral times that I was quite happy for it to p… off any­time soon. But, with much tug­ging, pulling, break­ing and a few more in­jec­tions it fi­nally gave up and was out.

Even with all the anaes­thetic I had, the pain in my mouth was still giv­ing me a lot of grief.

A quick stop at the chemist for drug sup­plies, which I started on right away, and we were on our way home.

Now it’s a case of the tooth socket heal­ing, my face re­turn­ing to nor­mal — in­stead of look­ing like I’ve gone two rounds with Mike Tyson — and hope­fully no more damned toothaches for a long time.

’I think she knew which one it was when I left claw marks on the ceil­ing after she tapped it with her lit­tle ham­mer.’

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