Late mus­ter­ing mishap les­son in par­ent­ing

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Me and my big mouth.

I had to say the other day that we had al­most got through mus­ter­ing with­out any in­juries.

When I saw my el­dest son limp­ing and he said a calf had trod­den on his foot, I didn’t think much of it.

When he took his boot off a cou­ple of hours later be­cause it was get­ting tight and I saw his foot, I be­gan to worry. By the evening, he couldn’t weight bear or move his toes and I sug­gested he needed to see a doc­tor.

It took only an­other 24 hours and a friend, who is a nurse, to con­vince him he should get it looked at.

It was off to town for X-rays, which showed some bro­ken bones, and a need for a CT scan, in­volv­ing a trip to Perth and a visit to a foot spe­cial­ist.

Now, said son has a new car and he in­sisted we take that to town.

Know­ing how par­tic­u­lar he is about his cars, driv­ing this sent my blood pres­sure through the roof.

I started off well with not be­ing able to get the key in the ig­ni­tion, only to find it was the wrong key and the ig­ni­tion key was tucked away in­side the re­mote.

This ve­hi­cle has six gears — I re­mem­ber when four was a lot to learn about. I try for re­verse with no suc­cess. “It’s got a col­lar,” son in­forms me. When the hell did car gears start hav­ing col­lars?

Col­lars be­long on shirts and blouses, not cars.

It was a long day of go­ing back and forth be­tween the GP clinic and the hospi­tal, with many pe­ri­ods of wait­ing in be­tween and a very grumpy son.

I’m not sure what he was most grumpy about, be­ing hob­bled, hav­ing to go to Perth on a plane in­stead of in his new car or that nurse, who mis­took me for his wife.

Score one for mum, prob­a­bly about mi­nus 1000 for son.

Three kids, 32 years and this is our first break/plas­ter.

Hope­fully, I haven’t just put a curse on the fam­ily!

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