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There’s a school of thought that we should still print pho­tos and not rely on sav­ing them to com­put­ers or ex­ter­nal drives. Prob­a­bly a wise move.

How­ever, my prob­lem is that even printed pho­tos should be well or­gan­ised.

I have pho­tos in al­bums, most with no dates/names/place de­tails. I’ve al­ways had good in­ten­tions but ev­ery time I make some in­roads, I get side­tracked by the mem­o­ries and the end­less ques­tions of where/when they were taken and who was in them. The rest are loose in a box. Again, de­tails are sadly lack­ing. Hubby is a fan of hav­ing the date im­printed on his pho­tos — me, not so much. Names aren’t quite such an is­sue as most of my pho­tos tend to be of fam­ily or friends. Mind you, I have end­less pho­tos of friends’ ba­bies and strug­gle to re­call which baby be­longed to which fam­ily. For­tu­nately, I do know which ba­bies are mine.

When I started trav­el­ling, I learnt a few things about pho­tos. Firstly, one de­cent photo is bet­ter than 50 lousy ones. Dig­i­tal cam­eras have a delete but­ton for a rea­son. If you want to cre­ate a photo book of your trip, don’t wait three years af­ter the trip to do it. Be­lieve me, you will not know where half the pic­tures were taken or even what they were of.

One lake looks very like an­other and hills/moun­tains/ scenery do not tend to be very ob­vi­ous in terms of lo­ca­tion/names.

The num­ber of pho­tos I have can be partly blamed on my pe­ri­odic for­ays into try­ing to be a pho­tog­ra­pher. Just to­day, I deleted some pho­tos when it ap­peared I was ex­per­i­ment­ing with tak­ing pho­tos in our front yard in the dark. Need­less to say, there were just a lot of very dark and aver­age pho­tos. What was I say­ing about us­ing their delete but­ton on dig­i­tal cam­eras?

Every­one knows you get stun­ning sun­sets in the out­back and ev­ery time I see one, I feel the need to snap a photo of it. I’m sure my kids will thank me when I’m gone, and they have to sort through end­less sun­set pho­tos.

They won’t have to worry too much about sun­rise pho­tos — I don’t seem to get too many of them for some rea­son.

Mind you, I may have some hope of iden­ti­fy­ing maybe half of mine, but when it comes to hubby’s cat­tle pho­tos, he’s on his own.

Pic­ture: Rae­lene Hall

One day the writer's chil­dren may in­herit end­less un­la­belled pho­tos of out­back sun­sets and other peo­ple's ba­bies.

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