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1. Which 80s TV se­ries starred Don John­son and Phillip Michael Thomas? 2. The Ade­laide Adren­a­line are a team as­so­ci­ated with which sport? 3. Which moun­tain range dom­i­nates the eastern Aus­tralian land­mass? 4. Chris Isaak was born in which US state? 5. What is the most se­nior ap­point­ment in the Royal Aus­tralian Navy? 6. How many play­ers are on each team in in­door vol­ley­ball? 7. Crème brûlée is French for what? 8. The Yangtze River flows through how many coun­tries? 9. True or false – The New York Times was founded in the 1850s? 10. In 2008, which celebrity gave birth to twins Knox and Vivi­enne?

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