“The gen­uine ‘ 90s Cooper Moto- Lita steer­ing wheel is on the wrong side...”

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loud,” says Iain, with slightly more than a hint of un­der­state­ment.

The fin­ish­ing touch for the in­te­rior is a gen­uine ‘ 90s Cooper Moto- Lita steer­ing wheel, which you may have no­ticed is on the wrong side for UK roads. Yep, Iain’s Mini is now left- hand- drive, as he’s cur­rently in throws of a move to Ger­many and plans to take the Mini with him. With this in mind the no­tion of a mod­ernised MkI be­gins to make even more sense, as it’s still got the style but also has the added prac­ti­cal­ity re­quired for tear­ing up the Au­to­bahn. “All I’ve re­ally changed is the steer­ing rack and the clutch pedal, ev­ery­thing else is from a right- hand- drive Mini,” Iain ex­plains. “Minis are so ba­sic that all the holes in the body can be repli­cated on the other side and you just swap it all over. Over the years I’ve con­verted loads – I used to sell them in the States where peo­ple wanted left- hand­drive. That’s another rea­son why I built this car; I’ve spent 10 years pre­par­ing Minis for other peo­ple. You do all the hard work but you don’t get the fun of it.”

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It’s clear that the car will be used for driv­ing in its new home, rather than just as a show­piece. To this end, the en­gine spec­i­fi­ca­tion has been de­vised to suit. It’s based on a 1275cc and a gear­box from a 1990s Mini Sprite, lightly tweaked and fit­ted with twin SU carbs. “I took it to


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