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BODY Steel outer bodyshell with one-off cus­tom space­frame chas­sis painted Honda Thun­der Grey, re­mov­able Club­man steel front end, fi­bre­glass boot and bon­net with pins, fi­bre­glass bumpers, car­bon-fi­bre Miglia arches, Plas­tics 4 Per­for­mance Lexan win­dows, SPA race mir­rors, drilled door han­dles, gen­uine MkI rear lamp pan­els, no rear valance. Paint: Porsche Riv­iera Blue with Honda Storm Sil­ver top half, bumpers and pin stripe. EN­GINE MED-built 1293 plus forced in­duc­tion A-plus A-Se­ries, light­ened and bal­anced crank, steel main strap, light­ened and bal­anced con-rods, ARP rod bolts, forged Omega pis­tons, MED 11-stud Forced In­duc­tion Spe­cial cylin­der head, 1.5-ra­tio roller-tip rock­ers, Kent 266 cam, MED steel Vernier Du­plex tim­ing chain, ul­tra light steel fly­wheel and back plate, Al­con pad­dle clutch plate, grey AP di­aphragm, Me­ga­jolt ECU, Ford coil pack and EDIS mod­ule, Tom Fen­ton ma­chined trig­ger wheel and bracket, re­built T3 tur­bocharger with 360-de­gree bear­ing, Metro Turbo man­i­fold, Cus­tom Tony Law 2.5-inch bore ex­haust with re-pack­able si­lencer, Forge Mo­tor­sport uni­ver­sal in­ter­cooler, Nic Riz­zar­dini stain­less plenum cham­ber, high torque starter, light­weight al­ter­na­tor, cus­tom Fu­sion Fabri­ca­tions al­loy ra­di­a­tor, Meziere al­loy coolant pump with SH Engi­neer­ing wa­ter pump blank, Mo­cal oil cooler with oil fil­ter sand­wich plate, ITG air fil­ter, cus­tom Tom Fen­ton wiring loom, Sytec fuel pump and fil­ter, RCI foam-filled fuel tank, braided fuel lines, SH Engi­neer­ing oil fil­ter hous­ing, SPAL cool­ing fan. TRANS­MIS­SION Jack Knight straight-cut closer­a­tio four-speed gear­box, straight-cut drop gears, Quaife ATB dif­fer­en­tial, 3.7:1-ra­tio he­li­cal fi­nal drive. SUS­PEN­SION Protech coil-overs with Eibach/ Hyper­coil springs, Mini Spares ad­justable bot­tom arms, KAD tie-rods, cus­tom top arm set-up, Spe­cial­ist Com­po­nents steel ra­dius arms, KAD rear anti-roll bar, Spe­cial­ist Com­po­nents al­loy rear hubs, rose-jointed steer­ing arms. BRAKES KAD six- pot cal­lipers, vented 8.4- inch discs and Min­tex pads (front) mod­i­fied Minifin drums (rear), one- off pedal box, AP front/rear master cylin­ders, ad­justable bias knob, braided brake lines through­out. WHEELS AND TYRES 7x10-inch Force Rac­ing ST10 cen­tre lock wheels with blue an­odised spokes and ti­ta­nium fin­ish rims, Dun­lop Miglia slicks (dry), 7x10-inch Force Rac­ing wheels mod­i­fied for cen­tre lock, Riv­iera Blue painted cen­tres and pol­ished rims, Yoko­hama A032R tyres (wet). IN­TE­RIOR Cus­tom alu­minium pan­elling in Honda Storm Sil­ver, Sparco fi­bre­glass bucket seat, Sa­belt har­ness, Cur­ley car­bon-fi­bre dash tower, Stack dash unit, AEM air/fuel gauge, roof-mounted switches, plumbed-in fire ex­tin­guisher, in­ter­nal bat­tery and bat­tery cut-off, re­lo­cated gear lever hous­ing with cus­tom link­age, one-off pedal box with cus­tom ped­als, be­spoke Rose-jointed steer­ing col­umn, Sparco steer­ing wheel, alu­minium door­cards with cus­tom bead­ing. In­duc­tion Spe­cial cylin­der head, there’s no deny­ing it’s pretty spe­cial. Re­cent changes have been min­i­mal how­ever. “It’s not been in bits since it was build by MED about 12 years ago,” says Rick. “We swapped the dis­trib­u­tor for a Me­ga­jolt ECU as that seemed like a nat­u­ral pro­gres­sion, and it’s got the Forge Mo­tor­sport in­ter­cooler set-up. The gear­box was orig­i­nally a Jack Knight straight-cut close-ra­tio one that I bought sec­ond-hand, and MED re­built that. It had a Mini Spares cross-pin diff but I’ve re­placed it with a Quaife one. Other­wise it’s all the same in­ter­nally.”

Rick has also re­tained the Metro man­i­fold and T3 turbo unit, although the lat­ter has been re­built with a 360-de­gree bear­ing. “That was done when I first started re­build­ing the car, and a lo­cal com­pany made the ex­haust sys­tem for me. Ide­ally now I’d fit the more mod­ern GT20 turbo I’ve got, but the down­pipe has been made to bolt di­rect to the ex­haust hous­ing on the turbo to do away with the trou­ble­some el­bow and clamp, so it would have to be cut and al­tered. As the ex­ist­ing turbo is new­lyre­built any­way, I thought I may as well try it out. It can be changed later on if needs be.”

Dur­ing its last rolling road ses­sion the car reached 137bhp at the fly­wheel on 12psi of boost, but that was with the clutch slip­ping. “At around 14psi it should give a nice easy 150bhp,” says Rick. “It’s got forged pis­tons and a re­ally low com­pres­sion ra­tio of 7.5:1, so it should take a lot more boost – say 20-25psi. The thing is though, I want to en­joy us­ing it and keep it re­li­able, and be­cause of the weight, it should be plenty quick enough. Any more power and it’ll send me into an­other cor­ner some­where! It’s 544kg, and that’s with a good 15 ki­los worth of fuel in it and all the flu­ids.”

With a po­ten­tial power-to-weight ra­tio of around 300bhp per tonne, the sus­pen­sion and brakes have nat­u­rally been fet­tled to cope. Join­ing the ad­justable ge­om­e­try pro­vi­sions all round are Protech coil-overs

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