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BODY 1977 Mini ex­port, re­mov­able car­bon-fi­bre bon­net, Mini Euro arch ex­ten­sions, Nim­bus Grey bumpers, sun­roof, clear front re­peaters, MkII Cooper grille. EN­GINE 1312cc A-plus Metro Turbo, 16.8psi boost, cool­ing mist wa­ter/methanol in­jec­tion, bal­anced crank­shaft and con-rods, ARP nuts/bolts, plus0.040-inch AE pis­tons dished to 16cc, gas-flowed cylin­der head, en­larged com­bus­tion cham­bers, 32mm race ex­haust valves, 35.9mm in­let valves, 8.25:1 CR, Avon­bar Phase 2 camshaft, Gar­ret T3 Turbo, cus­tom stain­less steel ex­haust man­i­fold, 60mm stain­less steel down­pipe, Tur­bosmart Ul­traGate 38mm ex­ter­nal waste­gate, Forge dump valve, Ford Sierra Cos­worth in­ter­cooler, MP Rac­ing sil­i­cone hoses, Me­ga­jolt pro­gram­mable ig­ni­tion, Man­i­flow Turbo ex­haust, K&N air fil­ter, MP Rac­ing MPi front-mounted alu­minium ra­di­a­tor, elec­tric cool­ing fan, Mo­cal re­mote oil fil­ter, seven-row oil cooler, Metro Turbo oil pump, Mini SPi fuel tank with high-pres­sure fuel pump. Max­i­mum power: 163.7bhp/162.3lb.ft.

TRANS­MIS­SION Straight-cut close-ra­tio four­speed gear­box, straight-cut 1:1 drop gears, light­ened fly­wheel/pres­sure plate, dou­ble grey clutch di­aphragm, pad­dle clutch plate, Quaife ATB limited-slip dif­fer­en­tial.

SUS­PEN­SION Hi-Los and Spax dampers all round.

BRAKES Mini Sport 7.9-inch vented discs and four- pot calipers (front), Minifin drums (rear).

WHEELS AND TYRES Ul­tralite 6x10-inch al­loys, Yoko­hama A032R 165/70x10 tyres.

IN­TE­RIOR Clas­sic Porsche bucket seats, full-width dash­board, In­no­vate AFR gauge, boost gauge and knock sen­sor, CB ra­dio, For­mul­ing steer­ing wheel.

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