Keith's stor­age is full up fol­low­ing his new ar­rival.

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Keith moves his new project home and Jeff finds a unit for his fleet, plus up­dates from Tim and Iain.

Hav­ing agreed to buy the Mini Thirty, the next thing to do was get it moved. Un­for­tu­nately, I viewed the car the weekend be­fore Karin and I headed off to Gozo and Malta for a very well earned 10-day hol­i­day. The fact the car and parts had to be moved out by the end of the month added a lit­tle zest to the whole deal. So that left four days when I got back to get it mo­bile, moved, and the garage emp­tied of any­thing Mini-re­lated. Game on!

The day af­ter re­turn­ing from the trip, I vis­ited the garage to as­sess what was needed to get the car rolling. This was es­sen­tial as I am very pushed for space in the prop­er­ties I own and rent, so it would ini­tially be stored in my ge­nial farmer's barn. Dear old Archie had loosely re­assem­bled the front sus­pen­sion with the top arms ar­sea-bout-face, so I had to strip them out and turn them around. There were no hubs so I had to build up the freshly pow­der-coated items with bear­ings, CVs, discs and drive flanges so I could bolt some wheels on.

With that done, my new ap­pren­tice Fabri and I hoiked the car up off the cas­torised pal­let and on to axle stands. Then it was on to the floor on its wheels and tyres. Soon af­ter we had the car loaded on to my trailer, a pile of in­te­rior and ex­te­rior parts loaded in the van, along with ev­ery­thing that looked like junk. We met my farmer friend at his house, and then set off to the barn. The Thirty was un­loaded in no time at all and po­si­tioned in the re­quired place. Dust sheet ap­plied, the next task was to re­lieve the van of its con­tents.

In my stor­age garage there was just enough space to stack the boxes of parts and the in­te­rior in. All that is needed now is for me to get busy with the cars clog­ging up the garage at home - the Clubby racer, Ol' Red, and the Clubby Es­tate. The Es­tate will get done first as it has the least amount of work need­ing do­ing to it. Ol' Red may have to be con­signed to the scrap heap. The shell is pretty rotten, need­ing a long list of panel-work sort­ing out.

The Thirty is now in win­ter stor­age.

Pow­der coated hubs needed as­sem­bling to get the car rolling.

Cas­torised pal­let is a cheap and easy way to make a bodyshell mo­bile enough to work on.

Boxes of Thirty parts on the shelf.

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