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Q I’ve just fit­ted some new wheels and wheel nuts, but there doesn’t seem to be much thread go­ing into the nuts as the new wheels seem to be much thicker than the old ones. I’m us­ing the nuts I was sup­plied with. How much thread en­gage­ment do I need to be safe? Geoff

A The me­chan­i­cal stan­dard for min­i­mum thread en­gage­ment for op­ti­mum strength is 1.5 times the thread di­am­e­ter. So for a Mini wheel stud with a 3/8-inch UNF (0.375-inch di­am­e­ter) thread that would be 9/16-inch (0.5625-inch) en­gage­ment. But with wheel studs and nuts I would look for more than that. I don’t know if there is a spe­cific en­gi­neer­ing cal­cu­la­tion for this, but I would look to get at least twice the di­am­e­ter in en­gaged thread length. So 3/4-inch (0.750-inch). You haven’t stated which wheels and wheel nuts you are us­ing, but where a stan­dard type wheel nut is used, I would want to see the end of the stud at least flush with the outer end of the wheel nut.

Wheel nuts need plenty of thread en­gage­ment to be safe.

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