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Keith up­dates us on his worldy move­ments, and his project plans.

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To open with, I would like to ap­pease my doc­tor by say­ing ‘Hello Pete the Plumber in France’. Ap­par­ently my doc­tor came across Mini fa­natic Pete while hol­i­day­ing in France. Pete, an avid

Min­imag reader, was sur­prised to find out that he was my doc­tor. I would also like to make an apol­ogy for an ‘oops’ a short while back. I re­ported on a pos­si­ble trip out to Sri Lanka at the be­hest of the Mini Club Mem­bers there. In ac­tu­al­ity it is the Malaysian Mini Club guys that I have this ren­dezvous with, so big apolo­gies to Rash­pal Singh Dhali­wal and the Malaysian Mini Club mem­bers for my faux pas. Any other Malaysian Mini fa­nat­ics that want to join in the fun, please con­tact Rash­pal on 012 5067 927.

Mean­while, things are afoot at Cas­tle Calver. The need for more space at the work­shop to house an ever in­creas­ing vol­ume of work meant I had to have a re­think on the or­der of pro­jects to be done. I needed to make room in the garage at home for my mo­tor­bike, and hav­ing started work­ing on the Club­man Es­tate, Ol’ Red and the GT racer it be­came ob­vi­ous it was all a bit too cramped. This was fur­ther com­pounded by the need to get the GT racer out of the back of the garage.

I men­tioned a short while back I had been con­sid­er­ing let­ting some­body else do work on my race car other than me to push things along a bit. Well, it’s hap­pen­ing. I took Ol’ Red back to work where it is now keep­ing my Union Jack Mini com­pany in the CST ‘Big Top’. Soon af­ter Ash Slights turned up with his trailer and hauled the racer off to his work­shop. This means I can move the Clubby Es­tate over to give me proper work room around it, which will speed things up nicely. So that first, then the Thirty and the race car. The more di­lap­i­dated cars af­ter that.

With the mo­tor­bike now garaged at home, a good sort out at the unit meant I could put up two sec­tions of heavy duty shelv­ing, giv­ing me ex­tra stor­age space that isn’t the floor. Progress on all fronts then!

Rash­pal Singh of the Malaysian Mini Club and two vis­it­ing friends.

Much needed ex­tra stor­age space at work.

Oi! That’s my car! Clubby heads off...

Plenty of el­bow room in here now!

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