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QI’ve got a 1987 Park Lane that’s got re­ally low mileage, but ap­pears to have a bit of pos­i­tive cam­ber on the rear off­side. I’m con­sid­er­ing fit­ting ad­justable brack­ets, but was won­der­ing if there is any way I can mod­ify the stan­dard bracket to fix the prob­lem? If so, can you ex­plain how I would go about this? I’ve also just bought some new ad­justable tie-rods for the front. Can you tell me what the fac­tory length is and where the mea­sure­ments are taken from? Roland

AThis is a com­mon is­sue on a Mini. To re­duce the pos­i­tive cam­ber, the outer end of the ra­dius arm pin needs mov­ing up­wards in its bracket. The way to do that is to sim­ply re­move the outer bracket from the right-hand rear ra­dius arm, file the ra­dius arm pin hole up­wards, then re-fit the bracket, and be­fore tight­en­ing the ra­dius arm pin to bracket nut up, use a trol­ley jack to push the pin hard up against the top of the new slot. Then do the nut up. As the weight of the car is push­ing down on that bracket, it is un­likely the pin will slide down the slot­ted hole. A lit­tle

fil­ing and re­fit­ting will be needed to es­tab­lish the ex­act amount it will need mov­ing to get the de­sired cam­ber set­ting.

The stan­dard tie-rods mea­sure 14-5/16-inches when mea­sured from the cen­tre of the bolt hole that clamps it to the bot­tom arm to the front face of the large flat washer that the in­ner tie-rod bush fits

up against. That is just a start­ing point though, as it will only give you the caster set­ting the stock tie-rods would give. Fail­ure to make sure the caster an­gle ex­actly the same both sides will cause the car to pull to one side. We would sug­gest set­ting the caster an­gle to three de­grees for both sides.

Mov­ing the ra­dius arm pin up­wards can solve cam­ber is­sues.

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