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camshaft kits have been re-launched, with re­duced prices and four new pack­ages on of­fer. Stage 1 in­cludes cam fol­low­ers, a race­spec oil pump and MED cam tim­ing disc. Stage 2 adds a du­plex al­loy/ steel vernier and dou­ble valve springs. Stage 3 fea­tures our 1.5:1 roller­tip rock­ers for the ul­ti­mate road camshaft pack­age. Stage 4 in­cludes a Piper race camshaft and MED LDX 1.5:1 roller-tip rock­ers - the very best! We’ve in­vested 36 years of ex­pe­ri­ence to de­velop our own range of per­for­mance cam pro­files for all A-Se­ries en­gines. Steel blank cams are cross-drilled and heat treated for the ul­ti­mate up­grade. The 256 du­ra­tion HT pro­vides tractable road per­for­mance with low-down power from 1000-6000rpm. The 264 du­ra­tion RS is a per­fect week­end per­for­mance cam, power band from 1250-6500rpm. The 280 du­ra­tion XT fills the void be­tween road and race, power from 2500-7250rpm for track­day out­ings.


Road camshaft - HT (High torque), RS (Road sport), XT (Track day) £160 Race camshaft - wide range of pro­files to suit ap­pli­ca­tion £220 Stage 1 camshaft kit (HT, RS) - cam, fol­low­ers, pump, tim­ing disc £185 Stage 2 camshaft kit (HT, RS, XT) - as Stage 1, plus du­plex vernier & springs £330 Stage 3 camshaft kit (HT, RS, XT) - as Stage 2, plus 1.5 roller rock­ers £500 Stage 4 camshaft kit - race cam, race springs, fol­low­ers and LDX rock­ers £775 Steel/al­loy du­plex vernier kit - ad­justable cam tim­ing made easy £125 All-al­loy du­plex vernier kit - weighs just 900g £135 Light­weight sim­plex kit - for when every gram counts, race use only £145 Camshaft gear drive kit - di­rect drive cam tim­ing, no chain £235 Camshaft fol­lower set - high qual­ity chilled iron £20 Race-spec cam fol­lower set - light­weight drilled op­tion £40 1.3:1 or 1.5:1 roller-tip rock­ers - the best on the mar­ket £235 Steel pushrods - pre­mium qual­ity, for 998, 1275 or 8-port £95

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