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Q I’ve got a 1996 Mini Tar­tan im­ported from Japan, which I plan on keep­ing to­tally stan­dard apart from a few bits of chrome. Af­ter be­ing in my mate’s Mini in the sum­mer, I’ve no­ticed how much bet­ter the open­ing rear win­dows are com­pared to the fixed ones I have on my car. They also look a lot nicer. How easy is it to swap from the fixed type to the open­ing type, and what parts will I need? Roland from most of the Mini parts sup­pli­ers), you’ll need just a few tools. Re­mov­ing the ex­ist­ing win­dow panes and seals can be tricky, but a bit per­se­ver­ance will pre­vail. Be­fore fit­ting the new open­ing win­dow seal, it’s best to take a look be­hind the trim piece cov­er­ing the C-pil­lar in­ter­nally. Some times the holes are drilled in the sup­port flitch plate, some­times not. If they are here, the only holes you will have to drill are the ones fort he front hinges. If not drilled, then ob­vi­ously you will need to do this. Fit the new seal, and po­si­tion the re­place­ment win­dow/frame as­sem­bly in place. Take time to get it squared up in the aper­ture – an as­sis­tant may be use­ful here – and mark A Aside from the ob­vi­ous win­dow and frame assem­blies, the cor­rect quar­ter light seals and some self-tap­ping screws (avail­able the holes re­quired for the hinge screws. Then re­move win­dow/frame as­sem­bly and the drill holes, be­fore re­fit­ting it all with the screws. Now ar­range the hinge plate against the C-pil­lar trim panel and care­fully drill through the trim panel and the flitch panel – don’t go too hard or you pop through the C-pllar! Then, fix the hinges to the panel with more self-tap­ping screws and you’re done.

per­se­ver­ance. Re­mov­ing ex­ist­ing win­dows re­quires

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