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Q I’m just about to take my Mini to uni, and have man­aged to dam­age it by per­form­ing a sim­ple oil change! Ba­si­cally, I over-tight­ened the drain bolt at the bot­tom of the gear­box. It seems to have stripped the thread and I can’t tighten it up now. Will I need a new gear­box or is there a cheaper so­lu­tion? Alex A Some Mini spe­cial­ists sell a re­place­ment plug with a self-cut­ting ta­per thread on it that will screw in to the dam­aged thread area with­out the need to re­move the en­gine/’box from the car. It’s a bit Heath Robin­son, but gets folks out of a scrape un­til the thread can be prop­erly re­paired us­ing a Heli-coil, or other thread re­place­ment in­sert. Mini Spares (www.min­is­ sells it un­der part num­ber DP2. It must be fit­ted by us­ing it as an en­gi­neer­ing tap – half a turn in and half a turn out again so it cuts its own thread. Don’t over­tighten this one as it could crack the al­loy cas­ing!

“Way too many folks fit th­ese re­place­ment fil­ters then try to cor­rect the fu­elling by sim­ply ad­just­ing the jet”

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