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BODY 1972 Mini Club­man, 5.5-inch roof chop, re­place­ment pan­els in­clud­ing front end, A-pan­els and mul­ti­ple re­pair sec­tions, rear arches tubbed, fi­bre­glass bonnet and boot lid, re­place­ment bumpers, cus­tom ACW poly­car­bon­ate win­dows, cut-down glass front wind­screen, short­ened wind­screen wiper arms, new bright­work, LED side lamps, vinyl­wrapped roof, MPi Mini elec­tric We­basto sun­roof, Group 5 arch ex­ten­sions. Paint: cel­lu­lose Bronze Yel­low.

EN­GINE 1998cc turbo Z20LEH from MkV Vaux­hall As­tra VXR, Omex 600 full en­gine man­age­ment, man­ual boost con­troller, Peu­geot 106 GTi throt­tle body, cus­tom in­ter­cooler over gear­box, Piper­cross air fil­ter, sil­i­cone boost hoses, cus­tom en­gine mounts, ra­di­a­tor in boot, Davies Craig EWP80 elec­tric wa­ter pump, re­mote oil fil­ter head, short­ened stain­less steel ex­haust sys­tem mated to cherry bomb back box. Stan­dard power out­put: 240bhp/236lb ft torque. Es­ti­mated max­i­mum power: 300+bhp.

TRANS­MIS­SION Six-speed gear­box from As­tra VXR, ca­ble-op­er­ated shifter, cus­tom made Vaux­hall As­tra/Metro drive­shafts, Rover Metro CVs.

SUS­PEN­SION Front: Gaz coilovers, Rover Metro lower arms and hubs, mod­i­fied Mini top arms. Rear: Stan­dard rub­ber cones and ra­dius arms, rear Hi-Los, ad­justable cam­ber/ track­ing brack­ets.

BRAKES Wil­wood four-pot front cal­lipers, vented and drilled discs, Minifin drums to rear, re­mote servo as­sisted, short­ened and re-lo­cated hand­brake lever.

WHEELS AND TYRES Com­po­mo­tive fivespoke al­loys, 6x13-inch front and 8x13-inch rear. Con­ti­nen­tal 195/45x13 tyres.

IN­TE­RIOR Clas­sic bucket seats, Luke four­point har­nesses, black car­pet, re­mov­able steer­ing wheel, cus­tom welded-in roll-cage, orig­i­nal 1275 GT in­stru­ment bin­na­cle, RaceTech dig­i­tal speedo in stan­dard lo­ca­tion, ex­tra boost and tem­per­a­ture gauges, bat­tery and coolant plumb­ing in rear seat area.

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