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MED has de­vel­oped a new oil fil­ter hous­ing kit that fea­tures a large di­am­e­ter braided line to re­place the stan­dard fixed pipe. The AN-08 size hose and fit­tings is less re­stric­tive to oil flow if you have a highperformance A-Series engine. La­belled as the ‘race’ kit, this is sim­i­lar to MED’s rac­ing oil cooler kit, but with­out the oil cooler – ideal if this is not deemed nec­es­sary. The fil­ter head is CNC-ma­chined from bil­let alu­minium, omit­ting the trou­ble­some pres­sure re­lief ball as found in the stan­dard oil fil­ter head. Con­tents in­clude a re­place­ment oil fil­ter, gas­ket, stain­less steel fix­ings, ny­lon braided hose and the fil­ter head it­self.

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