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I have a prob­lem with my 1984 Mini May­fair. The points keep clos­ing up, and even when I re­set them, it just hap­pens again. I use the car daily, and have suf­fered six break­downs in just three weeks! I’ve had the points, con­denser, ro­tor arm, dizzy cap ev­ery­thing re­placed but still it per­sists. Please can some­one help

me? What is the sim­plest way to solve this re-oc­cur­ring prob­lem? I’m fairly new to Minis but need to get this sorted. Alex

It is down to one of three things. The most likely is that the points you are us­ing are just of poor qual­ity. This is an all­too-com­mon prob­lem these days, as the qual­ity of ig­ni­tion com­po­nents on the market has re­ally suf­fered in re­cent years. It could be the con­denser break­ing down caus­ing the points to over­heat and melt the heal part of the points set that runs on the cam – that’s where the poor qual­ity comes in. Or it could be that the lu­bri­cat­ing pad is not do­ing so, or is not even present.

Ul­ti­mately, the best so­lu­tion is to change to an elec­tronic (tran­sis­torised switch) re­place­ment kit that does away with the points and con­denser, and so all the prob­lems they cause when de­fec­tive in any way. They vary in price from £50-£85 a kit. That’s a fair bit more than a set of points and con­denser, but they will last much longer and are re­li­able enough not to leave you stranded some­where. Op­tions in­clude the Ez-fit kit from H&H Ig­ni­tion so­lu­tions, as well as ver­sions from Al­don, Pertronix and Lu­me­ni­tion.

“Poor qual­ity is an all-too-com­mon prob­lem these days, as the qual­ity of ig­ni­tion com­po­nents has re­ally suf­fered”

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