“It’s im­por­tant to not see your­self as an artist but as a brand and busi­ness”

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What was your first job?

Straight out of high school I be­came an ap­pren­tice butcher. It wasn’t my “dream job” but it made sense at the time as I wasn’t too in­ter­ested in school. I lasted three years be­fore re­al­is­ing I dreaded ev­ery sin­gle morn­ing of work. I soon left and be­came an ap­pren­tice sign-writer, which I com­pleted and to­day am a qual­i­fied trades­man in.

What’s the best money ad­vice you’ve ever re­ceived?

“Don’t take money too se­ri­ously; it doesn’t take you se­ri­ously.” Many of us are slaves to the dol­lar. We make life choices based on money and not with our mo­ral com­pass when in re­al­ity if we sim­ply change our per­cep­tion and al­low money to be a slave to us our en­tire world would change.

What’s the best in­vest­ment de­ci­sion you’ve made?

It was when I de­cided to fi­nally lis­ten to that voice within and take my life and health back into my own hands. Ten years ago I was di­ag­nosed with an in­cur­able chronic dis­ease and was told I would never live a “nor­mal” life. I couldn’t and wouldn’t ac­cept that type of fate and la­bel, so I de­cided to fol­low my heart, in­vest time in re­search­ing peo­ple who had my dis­ease and not only over­came it but who were thriv­ing in life. I reached out to them and be­gan my self-heal­ing process and in­vested every­thing I had in me.

What is your favourite thing to splurge on?

I don’t re­ally splurge on too much. I do love lux­ury watches. But to be hon­est if I am splurg­ing it would be in the health and well­be­ing area, im­prov­ing my over­all qual­ity of life.

If you had $10,000 where would you in­vest it?

Def­i­nitely within the arts. Per­haps find a com­mu­nity that I could in­vest in where an art ther­apy pro­gram or sim­i­lar could help oth­ers. I of­ten say “art heals” and it cer­tainly saved my life, so in­vest­ing in a com­mu­nity or sim­i­lar to al­low oth­ers to be saved by art and self-ex­pres­sion is a key area I would in­vest in.

What would you do if you had only $50 in your bank ac­count?

I would be grate­ful as there are peo­ple in the world to­day who have noth­ing in their ac­counts. Re­mem­ber, every­thing is per­sonal per­cep­tion. Sure, $50 isn’t a de­sir­able amount of money to have in your ac­count – it doesn’t get us too far th­ese days. But with a changed per­cep­tion, while re­plac­ing emo­tional think­ing with cal­cu­lated ra­tio­nal thoughts, you can soon turn that $50 into your come­back story.

Do you in­tend to leave an in­her­i­tance?

Some­one once told me that if you raise your kids right you won’t need to leave an in­her­i­tance as they will be in­tel­li­gent enough to gen­er­ate their own wealth. I don’t have kids just yet so I guess I will have to wait and see if I do have chil­dren how well they are raised.

What’s the big­gest money chal­lenge artists face and how do you over­come it?

Gen­er­at­ing a reg­u­lar in­come as a full-time artist can be dif­fi­cult un­less you have a sub­stan­tial brand within the mar­ket. Art takes time, in­spi­ra­tion and, of course, plenty of hours in front of the can­vas. Artists are very cre­ative in­di­vid­u­als but some­times lack the busi­ness knowl­edge to re­ally am­plify their brand and in turn earn reg­u­lar in­come. I think it’s im­por­tant from the get-go to not see your­self as an artist but as a brand and busi­ness. Find at least seven streams of in­come you can adapt your artistry to, team up with some­one who is an ex­pert in busi­ness and let them build your brand while you con­cen­trate on your craft. It will take time to build but with care­ful plan­ning and the right sup­port net­work it will most cer­tainly hap­pen. I was for­tu­nate enough to have a busi­ness back­ground so I knew ex­actly in which di­rec­tion I wanted to steer my ship.

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