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It is a big re­lief and won­der­ful news that Ku-ring-gai Coun­cil won its ap­peal in the NSW Court of Ap­peal against forced amal­ga­ma­tion with Hornsby Shire. The Gen­eral Man­ager Mr John McKee and Ku-ring-gai Coun­cil, in par­tic­u­lar the staff and le­gal team de­serve our thanks for work­ing so hard to get this vic­tory for the cit­i­zens of Kur­ing-gai, and to for­mer Mayor Cheryl Sza­tow and Coun­cil­lors Chris­tiane Ber­lioz, Elaine Mal­icki, David Arm­strong and Dun­can McDon­ald who con­sis­tently voted to sup­port the Ku-ring-gai com­mu­nity and the Ap­peal. With­out the com­bined ef­forts the lead­er­ship of the for­mer Mayor Sza­tow

and these four coun­cil­lors men­tioned, Ku-ring-gai would not have ex­pe­ri­enced the vic­tory.

The win is just not Ku-ring-gai’s but a vin­di­ca­tion to all coun­cils fight­ing un­demo­cratic merg­ers across NSW. It is now up to the col­lec­tive voice of all the coun­cils that face Ku-ring-gai’s on­go­ing threat to use the win to send a strong mes­sage to Premier Bere­jik­lian and the State Gov­ern­ment that the Del­e­gate’s Bound­ary Re­view pro­cesses across the State were greatly flawed and to de­mand that the State Gov­ern­ment back off!

The re­sults of the Or­ange by-elec­tion, the sub­se­quent Gov­ern­ment back­down on coun­try merg­ers and now the Kur­ing-gai vic­tory hope­fully all send a strong mes­sage the NSW Premier, Lib­eral politi­cians and Lib­eral coun­cil­lors who do not con­sult their com­mu­nity

trans­par­ently and hon­estly, that their ac­tions will not be tol­er­ated and that they will not be re-elected.

What it has re­in­forced to all of us in com­mu­nity groups who par­tic­i­pated in op­pos­ing the State Gov­ern­ment’s un­demo­cratic bound­ary re­view process, is that you must never give up!

What’s hap­pened is now be­ing watched with in­ter­est by many. Why? The Greater Sydney Com­mis­sion has a plan to grow Sydney but there is ef­fec­tively no plan to pro­tect Sydney and Ku-ring­gai. As shown by the Monthly Chron­i­cle, the North Dis­trict is of great sig­nif­i­cance to Sydney, and is al­ready tar­geted by the State Gov­ern­ment with un­fet­tered de­vel­op­ment.

This is a huge win for the com­mu­nity and democ­racy, as once again our voices are be­ing ig­nored by politi­cians push­ing through a hidden agenda. Whilst the Premier and State Gov­ern­ment con­tinue to force metro amal­ga­ma­tions, we prom­ise to con­tinue to fight with the Coun­cil to save Ku-ring-gai un­til we are fully vindicated and re­main a stand­alone coun­cil. We do not want to de­stroy our unique and successful LGA on the whim of the cur­rent Lib­eral Gov­ern­ment and due to an ag­gres­sive takeover men­tal­ity of an­other coun­cil, not least with­out a plebiscite!

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