Your new roof - metal or tiles?

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When de­sign­ing houses, you of­ten get an ar­ray of ques­tions about which prod­ucts to use - it’s a nor­mal part of the ex­cit­ing build­ing process. But one of the most fre­quent queries I hear is: “Should we use tiles or sheet metal on our roof?” So here’s my out­line of the ben­e­fits and short­com­ings of both ma­te­ri­als to help you make a de­ci­sion.

First, what is the ar­chi­tec­tural style of your home? What is your taste? I think it is best to start with these ques­tions, then weigh up other key fac­tors dis­cussed here. Color­bond of­fers a very mod­ern look with its clean lines, con­sis­tency and ar­ray of con­tem­po­rary colours. Tiles of­fer a more tra­di­tional look; how­ever, they too come in many dif­fer­ent de­signs and colours and are also avail­able in two dif­fer­ent ma­te­ri­als – con­crete or ter­ra­cotta.

It is also im­por­tant to con­sider noise pol­lu­tion in your area when con­tem­plat­ing which roof­ing ma­te­rial to im­ple­ment in your homes. De­spite in­su­la­tion and a ceil­ing in be­tween, you will al­ways hear the rain on a Color­bond roof. For some this may be con­sid­ered a pleas­ant sound, but it can be dis­turb­ing dur­ing a heavy down­pour or dur­ing tur­bu­lent winds. In those in­stances, tiled roofs are much qui­eter.

If you have a wa­ter tank on your prop­erty then I would sug­gest you im­ple­ment a Color­bond roof for wa­ter col­lec­tion. Be­cause tiles have a level of ab­sorbency, you will get a much bet­ter re­sult with Color­bond roof­ing. Tiles also tend to re­tain more dirt and dust than a metal roof, which will then fil­ter down into your wa­ter tank.

If your home has ex­ten­sive ve­ran­das or eaves, a Color­bond roof will be the more de­sir­able ma­te­rial. This is due to tiles need­ing a steeper pitch for wa­ter run off than Color­bond. Ve­ran­das re­quire a shal­lower pitch roof which is much eas­ier to achieve with Color­bond than tiles.

Ul­ti­mately, most of us will con­sider cost over any other as­pect when choos­ing tiles or metal roof­ing. Con­crete tiles are over 20 per cent cheaper than Color­bond, so if you have a tight budget I would rec­om­mend tiles.

So be­fore you start get­ting quotes on a new roof, con­sider these as­pects and find what is best for your needs.

A tiled roof in North Tur­ra­murra

A Color­bond roof in Car­ling­ford

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