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Un­coated sin­gle- glazed win­dows are con­sid­ered to be the weak­est ther­mal com­po­nent in the build­ing en­ve­lope. Heat con­duc­tion through such win­dows is al­most 10 times that of in­su­lated walls, with en­ergy wastage from win­dows ac­count­ing for more than 50 per cent of an air con­di­tioner’s en­ergy con­sump­tion. Com­pared to sin­gle glaz­ing, dou­ble glaz­ing re­duces heat con­duc­tion by half.

It’s ex­pen­sive to retro­fit dou­ble glaz­ing but you could try cheaper op­tions to re­duce the loss of heat from within, with win­dow films and with blinds and cur­tains. Open blinds and cur­tains to let in win­ter sun dur­ing the day, and close them in the af­ter­noon/ evening to help pre­vent the ra­di­ant heat in­side from es­cap­ing through the glaz­ing as it starts to cool out­side. This re­duces the bur­den on your heaters.

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