Com­mu­ni­ca­tions in Hornsby Shire

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From the new Hornsby coun­cil­lors this year we hear that pub­lic com­ment is wanted. State and Fed­eral rep­re­sen­ta­tives have also ex­pressed a de­sire to hear from us.

What of past com­mu­ni­ca­tions? Is it sur­pris­ing that we are non­com­mu­nica­tive?

A neigh­bour re­cently con­tacted Hornsby Coun­cil about a bus shel­ter that was in need of re­pair. The first re­sponse was “not out problem.” He then had to re­search and find who was re­spon­si­ble which turned out to be Coun­cil - and again he asked for help. Hav­ing to ex­plain why the re­pairs were nec­es­sary, he was asked to con­firm his re­quest in writ­ing. When the work was ac­cepted as nec­es­sary, a coun­cil­lor met him on site to dis­cuss it. The stun­ning com­ment the coun­cil­lor made was that it was not orig­i­nally con­sid­ered an is­sue as he was the only com­plainant. Lit­tle won­der the re­sult is lack of com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

We are how­ever pleased with the Coun­cil make up be­ing more di­verse this term and cer­tainly with peo­ple who seem more in­ter­ested in us and it’s our hope that they don’t get beaten down by the sys­tem.

There’s also a need for residents and cit­i­zens to keep ask­ing for things, de­spite Coun­cil claim­ing hard eco­nomic times. Coun­cil cre­ated for it­self the hard times - quar­ries be­ing filled; land pur­chases not suit­able for pur­pose with­out mas­sive rec­ti­fi­ca­tion works; giv­ing away a sec­tion of Coun­cil area early and fail­ing to get it back or com­pen­sa­tion for it.

Our Coun­cil re­tained staff de­spite shrink­ing size and in­come. I sense an­other levy or spe­cial rate rise com­ing. Is this why they need our com­ments - to soften us up for the in­creases? It may then be claimed that we want so much that an in­crease is jus­ti­fied. Watch this page.

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