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I’m six weeks preg­nant and have been ex­pe­ri­enc­ing mild stom­ach cramps and ten­der breasts. I’m scared I’ll mis­carry.

Ob­ste­tri­cian Dr Vi­jay Roach says:

Mild stom­ach cramps with a pe­riod-pain qual­ity are com­mon in early preg­nancy. They prob­a­bly re­flect the uter­ine mus­cle cramp­ing as the uterus en­larges. Breast ten­der­ness, nau­sea, fre­quent uri­na­tion, fa­tigue and food crav­ings are also com­mon. If your pain is se­vere or feels more to one side, have an ul­tra­sound to ex­clude an ec­topic preg­nancy (out­side the uterus, and usu­ally in the tube).

Un­for­tu­nately, 15 per cent of preg­nan­cies do end in mis­car­riage. There is vir­tu­ally noth­ing you can do to pre­vent this, as most mis­car­riages re­flect a prob­lem in­her­ent in the baby, and not in the mother or her be­hav­iour. Bleed­ing does not al­ways oc­cur so, if you are un­sure, the best test is an ul­tra­sound.

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