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Q AMy tod­dler’s started wak­ing up say­ing her knees hurt. Are grow­ing pains real? Pae­di­a­tri­cian Dr Scott Dun­lop says: Grow­ing pains can af­fect chil­dren from preschool age through to early ado­les­cence. Chil­dren usu­ally de­velop mus­cle pain in the early evening or can be wo­ken with pain dur­ing the night. The cause is not known, but there is no un­der­ly­ing dam­age to joints or mus­cles. Grow­ing pains are a di­ag­no­sis of ex­clu­sion, so other im­por­tant con­di­tions need to be con­sid­ered first, such as child­hood arthri­tis, in­fec­tion of bone or joint and ab­nor­mal bone growths. Most symp­toms re­cover with sim­ple mas­sage or heat packs, but al­ways see your GP if you are con­cerned that the pain is se­vere.

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