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My one-year-old baby doesn’t al­ways turn around when I call her name. Is her hear­ing okay? Pae­di­a­tri­cian Dr Mike Starr, says: Some­times it’s hard to know whether your child is ig­nor­ing you or if she can’t hear. Chil­dren of­ten get ab­sorbed in an ac­tiv­ity and won’t al­ways turn around when you call their name. Per­haps you’ve no­ticed that she al­ways sits close to the TV (this may also be be­cause she has a prob­lem with her vi­sion) or doesn’t re­spond when there’s a loud noise. If you are at all con­cerned about your daugh­ter’s hear­ing, take her to your ma­ter­nal and child health nurse or fam­ily GP for test­ing and as­sess­ment.

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