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Take the sleep aid away,

but keep the rest of his bed­time rou­tine

the same as usual. Your baby will

fuss be­cause he’ll no­tice some­thing’s

miss­ing, like be­ing rocked to sleep. Put him in his cot and

say, “Sleepy time. Night, night” in a

firm, con­fi­dent voice and leave the room.

He will cry. If you need to re­as­sure

him you’re there, go back and say, again,

“Sleepy time. Night night.” Then leave

again. This can hap­pen three times

in a minute or once in 10 min­utes,

what­ever feels right. “What’s im­por­tant

is you’re say­ing the same mantra in the

same re­as­sur­ing voice,” says Ali­son. “His body will crave sleep

and he will re­alise he’s not go­ing to

get the sleep aid he’s ask­ing for. When he

does nod off, it will show him he can

fall asleep with­out a sleep aid. It can take

a cou­ple of days – but it will work,” she


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