Af­ter con­ceiv­ing her first two chil­dren, Darcy, seven, and Elsa, five, via IVF, and be­ing told she would never con­ceive nat­u­rally, Deb­o­rah Knight beat the odds and fell preg­nant with adorable Au­drey Week­end To­day pre­sen­ter Deb­o­rah Knight, 43, and hus­band

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The TV pre­sen­ter talks about beat­ing the odds to con­ceive nat­u­rally


When we dis­cov­ered I was preg­nant with Au­drey, we were ini­tially com­pletely shocked. But the best things in life are of­ten sur­prises, and Au­drey is one of them.

We didn’t ex­pect to have any more chil­dren and we had been told by the IVF doc­tors that we wouldn’t be able to con­ceive nat­u­rally but, lo and be­hold, here we are with a four-month-old.


My preg­nancy with Au­drey was re­ally great. I’ve been very for­tu­nate that all of my preg­nan­cies have been re­ally smooth with­out any prob­lems. I didn’t even get morn­ing sick­ness, which I know other moth­ers will be curs­ing me for. It is largely why I was so sur­prised I was even preg­nant.

Au­drey ar­rived pretty much around the date she was due, and it was a nat­u­ral labour – as were our other two kids – so I’ve ac­tu­ally been re­ally blessed with all three preg­nan­cies.


I don’t think there’s a sin­gle best thing about be­ing a mum – so much of it is so lovely. There are bad bits that go along with it, but from those you learn you can give un­con­di­tional love.

I think it’s quite good to not be so fo­cused on your­self. I think as a mother you have to fo­cus on these other lit­tle peo­ple and that’s re­ally great be­cause you have to help fos­ter their grow­ing up and help guide them as much as you can. Just see­ing them be­come lit­tle peo­ple who have their own skills, abil­i­ties and per­son­al­i­ties is re­ally re­ward­ing.


At this point, the lack of sleep is the chal­lenge. But the dif­fer­ence the third time around is that you’re well aware it will only last a short pe­riod of time. With the first baby, that’s quite a rude shock; you don’t know how long the sleep­less nights are go­ing to last and you just kind of think, ‘Oh my good­ness, is this it – is this the way it’s go­ing to be from now on?’, but now I know it’s only for a short pe­riod of time. And all the clichés about chil­dren grow­ing up quickly are so true. I’m cher­ish­ing the lack of sleep be­cause I know that pretty soon she’ll be walk­ing and at school like the other two, so I’m kind of lov­ing this baby stage at the mo­ment.


I’m only go­ing back for week­ends ini­tially, but I’m not sure how it’s go­ing to go. My bosses have been re­ally great about it and, be­cause Au­drey’s only three months, they said if it is too dif­fi­cult and it’s not work­ing out just to let them know and to take more time. They’ve been re­ally flex­i­ble and kind of put it in my hands. I think I’ll be okay.

I’m breast­feed­ing, so I think the great­est chal­lenge will be work­ing out when to ex­press and when to feed. But if Au­drey’s had a hard night, my hair and make-up fairies will also have their work cut out for them.


I was more dis­ap­pointed than of­fended, to be hon­est, sim­ply be­cause I was sur­prised peo­ple would re­ally have that at­ti­tude. It’s not as though it’s an un­usual sight to see a preg­nant wo­man, so I kind of thought we’d moved on from that, to be hon­est.

Channel Nine is al­most like a creche, with all these women who have been preg­nant on-air and now have chil­dren. Wendy Kingston from Week­end To­day was a few months ahead of me, news­reader Dav­ina Smith has just gone off on ma­ter­nity leave and had her bub…

We get crit­i­cism from view­ers via email and I usu­ally ig­nore it, but I just called it out be­cause I kind of thought it’s a nat­u­ral part of life so there’s no rea­son to be hid­ing it. I’m proud of it and I’m proud to be a work­ing mum; I think it sets a re­ally good ex­am­ple for my daugh­ters.


Lind­say and I don’t have time for our­selves at the mo­ment, and that’s okay be­cause I know it won’t be for­ever. At the mo­ment, life is very much fo­cused on feed­ing and sleep­ing. The other two are at school which is kind of great be­cause I’m able to ded­i­cate that time to Au­drey. I pop her in the pram and we go for walks to get out of the house and en­joy the sun­shine. The other two were 20 months apart, so I wasn’t able to spend as much time with Elsa as a new baby. My hus­band and I will catch up with each other even­tu­ally, but right now the kids rule the roost.

I’m proud to be a work­ing mum be­cause I think it SETS A RE­ALLY GOOD EX­AM­PLE for my daugh­ters.

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