Ex­actly seven years af­ter her first labour, Re­nee’s sec­ond son ar­rived – in a big hurry

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Re­nee de­liv­ered her bub while en route to hos­pi­tal


My ap­proach to child­birth has al­ways been open-minded – I’ve never had much of a birth plan other than to go with the flow. My labour to de­liver Corey was easy­go­ing: af­ter six hours of con­trac­tions at home, I ar­rived at hos­pi­tal in time for my wa­ters to break, and an hour later I was hold­ing my baby boy. I never imag­ined I would give birth to my sec­ond son years later, on the same day – but in a very dif­fer­ent lo­ca­tion.

Five days be­fore my due date, af­ter set­ting up birth­day presents for Corey to open the next morn­ing, I went to bed. I couldn’t sleep, so stayed up read­ing for hours. At 12.45am I tried to rest, but 15 min­utes later felt the first con­trac­tion. I woke Daniel to tell him he wouldn’t be go­ing to work later that morn­ing and he shot up out of bed, ready to leave for the hos­pi­tal. But I wasn’t in any rush, as my con­trac­tions were all over the place. So I had a warm shower, breath­ing deeply through con­trac­tions.

Af­ter about two hours, my labour be­came more in­tense, so I spoke to my mid­wife and we de­cided to leave for the hos­pi­tal. We woke Corey and ex­plained he was go­ing to Nan­nie’s house, and also woke Daniel’s best mate, Joe, who had been stay­ing over that night. I thought it would be best if he drove, as I wasn’t sure how Daniel would cope. When my wa­ters sud­denly broke, I re­alised we ac­tu­ally needed to leave straight­away.

It was a 45-minute drive to the hos­pi­tal, and 15 min­utes in I was telling Joe to step on it! The con­trac­tions were rolling to­gether and, feel­ing em­bar­rassed with Joe in the car, I tried not make too many noises – but ended up grunt­ing in­stead.

Just five min­utes later I felt the urge to push. I willed it to go away but it was im­pos­si­ble not to push – and out came my baby’s head! I couldn’t be­lieve it. I was in pitch dark­ness in the back of a mov­ing car, not able to speak, but my in­stincts kicked in and I man­aged to get my undies down to my knees. I gave an­other push and my baby was in my arms. It wasn’t un­til Levi started cry­ing that Daniel re­alised what had hap­pened. He told Joe to pull over. Still un­able to speak, I made sure the cord wasn’t around my baby’s neck.

Joe found a safe place to stop, by which point many emo­tions were run­ning through me. How­ever I yelled for some­one to call an am­bu­lance and get the tow­els out of the boot. Poor Daniel was a bit of a mess, so I grabbed the phone and rang the hos­pi­tal while Joe called an am­bu­lance. The mid­wives put my nerves at ease and soon I was calm and filled with love for my new­born – but as­tounded I had just de­liv­ered him on my own, in four hours, on the same date his big brother was born.

Even­tu­ally the am­bu­lance ar­rived and an hour later we were at hos­pi­tal, where the cord was cut. And 12 hours later we were lucky enough to go home. Levi will be for­ever re­minded of that event­ful day, es­pe­cially since the place of birth on his birth cer­tifi­cate says ‘Eu­mundi-Noosa Rd, Doo­nan’. If I am blessed with a third child, I think I’ll have a home­birth!

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