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Q Teething seems to be dis­tress­ing my baby. Is there any­thing that I can do to ease his pain?

A GP Dr Linda Cal­abresi says: Ba­bies who are teething of­ten seem to en­joy hav­ing their gums rubbed. A rusk that they can chew (or gum) on will of­ten help too, as will those teething rings you can put in the fridge – the cool­ness and the tex­ture seem to help.

If your baby needs some­thing more, teething gels (Bon­jela or SM-33) from the chemist of­fer a short-term so­lu­tion and, if they’re re­ally un­happy, there is al­ways parac­eta­mol or ibupro­fen, that can be given es­pe­cially at night.

Re­mem­ber, teething won’t cause a fever, and while it can make ba­bies ir­ri­ta­ble, they shouldn’t be in­con­solable. So don’t hes­i­tate to see a doc­tor if you’re con­cerned it’s some­thing more than teething.

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