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Q When should ba­bies’ hips be checked and how do doc­tors di­ag­nose clicky hips?

A Pae­di­a­tri­cian Dr Mike Starr says:

Ba­bies’ hips should be checked by a ma­ter­nity child health nurse or doc­tor soon af­ter birth, and an­other two or three times in the early months. Some­times, how­ever, a ‘click’ is felt, and while clicky hips are usu­ally nor­mal, some­times the click may be a sign that the hip hasn’t de­vel­oped prop­erly.

The ball-shaped head of the thigh bone (fe­mur) should be in­side the cup-shaped socket on the side of the pelvis. This socket may not de­velop prop­erly, leav­ing it shal­low, and al­low­ing the head of the fe­mur to move in and out of the socket. If it stays out, it is dis­lo­cated.

If a baby has per­sis­tently clicky hips, he should see a pae­di­a­tri­cian, who may or­der an ul­tra­sound to check if the hip is nor­mal. If the baby has de­vel­op­men­tal dys­pla­sia of the hip, he may be fit­ted with a spe­cial splint to hold the hip in the right po­si­tion.

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