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Is your lit­tlie’s night-time an­tics keep­ing you wide awake with worry? It’s per­fectly nor­mal to feel anx­ious if he is con­stantly wak­ing up or not fall­ing asleep. Ni­cole John­son, lead­ing baby sleep ex­pert, founder of www.babysleep­ and au­thor of new book Baby S.T.E.P.S. to Bet­ter Sleep will help coach you and your baby to sleep suc­cess. Ni­cole of­fers a wide va­ri­ety of sleep coach­ing meth­ods, al­low­ing you to choose the strate­gies that work best for you. Com­pared to sleep train­ing, sleep coach­ing is a more gen­tle and grad­ual ap­proach. NI­COLE’S TOP TIPS 1 Your baby is unique. Just be­cause he may not be sleep­ing like your friend’s baby or even your older child doesn’t mean that he has a prob­lem. 2 What works for one baby may not be the right method for your child and vice versa. This is why a cus­tomis­able sleep coach­ing plan makes such a dif­fer­ence. 3 In­tro­duce a sleep rou­tine, in­clud­ing giv­ing your child clues that it’s time for bed and set­ting ex­pec­ta­tions. This should hap­pen at about the same time each day. 4 Be­ing over­tired is the num­ber one rea­son for wak­ing at night, so when some­one says to keep your baby awake dur­ing the day so that he will sleep bet­ter at night, do the op­po­site.

Baby S.T.E.P.S. to Bet­ter Sleep e-book by Ni­cole John­son (Kiddy World Pub­lish­ing,

$11.21, Ama­zon)

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