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Guard­ing your child against ev­ery bug is im­pos­si­ble, but there are many sim­ple pre­ven­tive mea­sures that can ward off the nas­ties. Pam Stone, natur­opath and di­rec­tor of ed­u­ca­tion for Black­mores, has the fol­low­ing ad­vice.

Eat fresh. Fresh fruit and ve­g­ies help strengthen a grow­ing im­mune sys­tem. Your child may re­sist but it’s im­por­tant to per­sist. “If chil­dren see adults en­joy­ing fresh fruit and veg, they’re more likely to adopt the habits,” says Pam.

Sleep well. “With­out [a rea­son­able amount of sleep], we are more sus­cep­ti­ble to a va­ri­ety of ill­nesses,” says Pam. Ba­bies and tod­dlers need 12 hours of sleep at night, ex­perts sug­gest.

Go pro. “Don’t un­der­es­ti­mate the huge role the gut plays in fight­ing in­fec­tion,” says Pam. Nat­u­ral yo­ghurt en­cour­ages healthy gut flora, and look for other foods and prod­ucts with pro­bi­otics to help top up your lev­els of ‘friendly’ tummy bac­te­ria.

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