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We know in­tu­itively that be­ing a kind, car­ing mummy makes for a happy baby, but did you know that nur­tur­ing be­hav­iour is likely to give him a big­ger brain and af­fect how he han­dles stress later on in life? New re­search from Wash­ing­ton Univer­sity School of Medicine in St. Louis found that chil­dren with emo­tion­ally sup­port­ive mums have a more de­vel­oped hip­pocam­pus, the area of the brain re­spon­si­ble for learn­ing, mem­ory and cop­ing with stress. In fact, it was a whop­ping 10 per cent larger com­pared to kids who didn’t re­ceive the same level of sup­port. So, keep up the good work and carry on giv­ing your child lots of love.

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