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Q My baby seems to have nappy rash a lot, even though I change her fre­quently. Are there any steps I can take to help her?

A Child health nurse Sharon Donaldson says: Nappy rash is what hap­pens when a baby’s skin is cov­ered by a wet or dirty nappy for too long. How long is too long varies a lot with dif­fer­ent ba­bies, as some have more sen­si­tive skin than others. If your baby seems to be hav­ing fre­quent red­ness, try to change her nappy more of­ten so that her skin is dry most of the time. Use a sim­ple cleanser such as sor­bo­lene and wash her bot­tom very gen­tly so you don’t rub the skin. Use a bar­rier cream ev­ery time you change her nappy (zinc-based ones seem to be the most ef­fec­tive); cov­er­ing the area with a bar­rier cream is sooth­ing and keeps damp­ness away from the skin. It also helps to reg­u­larly give your bub time with­out her nappy to let her skin dry, and to use baby wipes spar­ingly, as some ba­bies are more sen­si­tive to them than others. Us­ing dis­pos­able nap­pies seems to help a lot of ba­bies, too. It’s also worth know­ing a rash or sore red skin in the nappy area isn’t al­ways nappy rash. A rash can be caused by eczema, al­ler­gies or in­fec­tions, so if you’re not sure about a rash on your child, it’s worth hav­ing it checked out by a health pro­fes­sional so it can be di­ag­nosed and treated prop­erly.

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