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Here’s a Fa­ther’s Day game that Dad will en­joy as much as your young­ster. Take a pad of Post-it notes, and draw a sim­ple fish shape on at least 20: the more, the bet­ter. To play the game, every­one shuts their eyes while you stick the ‘fish’ around the room. Then, on the count of three, every­one goes ‘fish­ing’ to see how many they can col­lect. Next, it’s your lit­tle one’s turn to stick the ‘fish’. If your baby is at the crawl­ing stage, she’ll soon get the idea of chas­ing af­ter and ‘catch­ing’ the ‘fish’, as long as you and Dad get on your hands and knees too! Just be sure to keep a close eye on her to make sure she doesn’t eat the ‘fish’!

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