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1 EAT MORE YO­GHURT This is a nu­tri­tious, sat­is­fy­ing snack many chil­dren love. It also con­tains live micro­organ­isms called pro­bi­otics. Look for va­ri­eties with sci­en­tif­i­cally proven pro­bi­otics like L-aci­dophilus and bi­fi­dobac­terium.

2 ORANGES AND LEMONS When it comes to im­mune-sup­port­ing foods, sci­ence shows vi­ta­min-C-rich citrus is top of the list. It’s anti-vi­ral and anti-bac­te­rial so any nas­ties won’t hang around for long. Add some slices of red cap­sicum to their lunch­boxes for an even big­ger hit of vi­ta­min C.

3 FILL UP ON FI­BRE This helps the pro­bi­otics do their job. Try av­o­cado, which is high in fi­bre and full of vi­ta­mins, with a creamy tex­ture most kids love.

4 FUN IN THE SUN Stud­ies show that vi­ta­min D helps build our kids’ im­mune de­fences, but on those days when they just can’t get out­doors, for­ti­fied foods with added vi­ta­mins, such as Vaalia Kids Im­mune De­fence, can help them get their daily dose of the ‘sunshine’ vi­ta­min.

Only avail­able in a 6pk. Vaalia handy packs are chock-full of vi­ta­mins and min­er­als to help sup­port im­mu­nity. VI­TA­MINS B12 A D

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