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Q My tod­dler keeps pick­ing up in­fec­tions at day­care. Is there any­thing that I can do to boost his im­mune sys­tem to pre­vent him from catch­ing things?

A GP Dr Linda Calabresi says: Un­for­tu­nately, this is the curse of day­care or preschool – es­pe­cially for chil­dren with­out an older sib­ling who can help to en­sure they get ex­posed to a range of viruses from an early age. It is re­garded as nor­mal for a young child to have as many as 10 to 12 vi­ral in­fec­tions in their first year of care. To avoid this hap­pen­ing is dif­fi­cult. Some things that help in­clude teach­ing your child to wash their hands of­ten, and en­sure they have a good diet and plenty of sleep. Re­mem­ber the ma­jor­ity of these in­fec­tions are vi­ral and do not need an­tibi­otics. Of course, if you are wor­ried, get your child checked by your doc­tor. If it’s any con­so­la­tion, by the time chil­dren reach school age they usu­ally have built up con­sid­er­able re­sis­tance to these in­fec­tions.

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